Whether you’re buying a new home or selling your current one, your real estate agent plays an important role in the efficiency and success of the transaction. Additionally, finding the right agent for your needs can elevate your overall experience, and there are clear-cut signs when it feels like the perfect fit.

So, without further ado, you know your real estate agent is right for you when…

They’re communicative and available. An effective agent never keeps you hanging whether it’s by email or phone, particularly because they know just how quickly things can change in a real estate transaction. When you have questions or concerns, they answer them thoroughly and never make you feel neglected.

They’re 100% committed to you. Your agent is so dedicated to you that their actions lead you to think you’re their only client at the moment. This may sound lofty, but it’s a characteristic most successful real estate agents have. Someone who always remembers your needs and wants in a home and keeps your best interest in mind can go a long way.

You enjoy being around them. You don’t need to build a lifelong friendship with your agent, but at the very least, they make you feel comfortable and can keep things light when needed. Especially in a hot real estate market, you’re going to be seeing a lot of them, so it helps when you enjoy their company.

They know the areas you’re looking to buy. A good agent can tell you about the neighborhood, school district, comparable homes that have sold, and other traits of a given neighborhood you’re interested in. And if they have direct experience working with homebuyers and sellers in that neighborhood, all the better.

They have people and companies to recommend. Your agent has a large network of contacts for you to use at your convenience. Whether it’s a mortgage company (like Premium Mortgage Corporation) home inspectors, or an attorney, they always seem to have people and companies to pass on to you for other steps during your real estate transaction.

They aren’t afraid to be honest with you. Even if it hurts, your agent will tell you the truth when it really matters. Maybe your budget is too unrealistic for the homes you’re touring or your indecisiveness is getting the best of you. Whatever the case, your agent doesn’t mind giving it to you straight when it’s needed most.

They aren’t deterred by setbacks. Buying or selling a home rarely comes without challenges, and your agent knows this. Setbacks, like losing out to another offer or a homebuyer backing out at the last minute, could get you down. But your agent is composed and has a short-term memory when obstacles arise.

They don’t make decisions for you. When it comes down to it, this is ultimately going to be your house, and every good agent should know that. This doesn’t mean they won’t offer advice based on their experience or provide you with insight as you put in an offer. But they empower you throughout the home buying process, and never make it seem like they’re pushing you in order to simply collect their check.

Another sign you have the right agent is that they’ve suggested you get pre-approved for a mortgage. You can start the pre-approval process with Premium Mortgage Corporation today, simply by clicking here