We understand that the home buying process isn’t exactly common knowledge and not everyone has experience buying a house. The information is available, but it isn’t exactly the most accessible…or easily understandable for that matter. In all seriousness though; do you REALLY need a Real Estate Agent? If you are planning to buy or sell a home, the short answer is: YES.

But, why? Imagine this; you walk into a restaurant and order the Cacio de Pepe. You loved it so much that when you get home you find a recipe online and try to make it yourself. But it’s not as easy as you thought and it doesn’t taste as great either, even though you followed the recipe step by step. The same goes for buying a home, except this scenario requires a lot more detail and money. A real estate transaction is one of the most complex financial investments most people experience in their lifetime. It could also be the largest purchase one makes. Generally, going at it alone is not recommended. Leave it to the chefs, you know?

If you are selling a home, a Real Estate Agent can provide up-to-date market info, planning any marketing & advertising services you may need such as photography, networking, and open houses! Agents have trained for this, like a chef trains to cook gourmet meals. They are professional negotiators, and they understand all the necessary paperwork needed for every step of the homebuying process. An agent can also help you with pricing advice. Most importantly, hiring an agent to help you sell your home will take most of the stress off you!

If you are buying a home, a Real Estate Agent can help locate homes that meet your needs (and wants,) assist in placing and negotiating offers, and guide you through the purchasing process. Their expertise also helps you determine your investment potential. In other words, if the neighborhood is growing it could mean your home value can increase! They can also spot devaluing features of a home such as a weird floor plan or flood or wildfire zones as well as guide you through an expert home inspection. Or point you in the best direction to get a quality inspection.

A qualified expert in real estate can save you the time, energy and a great deal of frustration! Leave the heavy lifting to the experts!