Safeguard Against "Trigger Leads"

Today's mortgage industry is filled with predatory lending practices, making it more important than ever before to ensure that your vulnerable personal information is safeguarded. Many people who apply for loans find themselves pursued by unscrupulous mortgage providers through a tactic called "trigger leading."

When we check an applicant's credit score as part of the mortgage application process, credit bureaus may sell a person's contact information to other loan providers -- this "triggers" a lead to lure people away from their current mortgage representative. As annoying and invasive as this may seem, it's perfectly legal. But -- there are ways to protect your privacy without compromising your search for a low-interest loan.

What can you do to prevent trigger leads?

  • Visit Signing up on this site stops the three major credit bureaus from selling your information for five years.
  • Enter your info on the Do Not Call Registry.

As always, it's Premium Mortgage Corporation promise that we will never, ever sell, give away or otherwise part with our client's personal information.

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