What do you call a snowman party? A Snowball!

Each month, Premium Mortgage Corp. releases a newsletter to real estate agents, with helpful tips and industry trends! Highlights from this month’s edition include:

  • Mortgage 101: Investor Loan
  • Winter Selling Tips!
  • Premium Mortgage Corp. named the 2nd largest Veteran owed company in Rochester
  • 10 Tips for a Stress-Free Holiday

Mortgage 101: Investor Loan

Have investors with good credit and 20% down but are limited by agency limits or income documentation? Premium Mortgage Corp. is pleased to provide a solution for your investor buyers! Some requirements: 660 credit score, 20% down, and rents must cover PITI. Contact your Loan Officer for more information and full requirements!

Winter Selling Tips:

We understand that selling houses in the winter can be difficult! Here are some awesome tips that are sure to help with your winter open houses.

  • Crank up the heat: no one wants to be cold, keep the buyers warm, they are more likely to stick around
  • Keep a shovel in your car: Don’t make your buyer walk in the snow to the house, keep walkways clear
  • Build a snowman: Nothing says “Welcome Home” more than Frosty in the front yard!
  • Watch the weather: Be prepared for weather changes and flexible rescheduling!

Premium Mortgage Corp named 2nd largest Veteran owned company in Rochester! Contact your Loan officer about our home loans for Veterans!

10 tips for a Stress-Free Holiday Hosting

Holidays are stressful, especially when you are hosting family and friends! We have gathered some awesome tips to help make your holiday hosting a little less stressful and a lot more fun.

Make a game plan: Having one will help you remember what needs to be done and what is already done.

Get your timing down: When making up your menu, choose dishes that get better with time or can be served at room temperature! So, you don’t have to stress about getting everything done at once.

  • Go with what you know: Going with items that your already know and have tried will take the pressure off, if you are trying a new recipe, practice ahead of time!
  • Pre-make up as much as you can in advance:  The less you have to think about the day of, the more you will be able to enjoy the festivities.
  • Plate and server plan: Figure out which serving platters and utensils are best to use ahead of time!
  • Plan to serve 1 simple cocktail: Something that can be premixed into pitchers, a “featured drink” of the night!
  • Utilize a cooling tub: Use a large tub of ice to quickly chill drinks. Also frees up space in the fridge!
  • Serve you food buffet style: Put your food and drinks on opposite sides of the room to keep things moving.
  • Let the store help you: Couple of well-known store-bought items will take some of the work out of hosting.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help: Don’t be the only person hosting, have a family member or friend help take some of the burden off of you.