First and foremost, congratulations on your new home! But just after you’ve finally settled in, you begin to notice that your daily mail is a little bit more robust than usual.

This is not uncommon at all. Purchasing a new home as well as securing a mortgage loan brings with it junk mail in buckets! An onslaught of junk mail is a major annoyance; not even the flashy colors on the envelopes bring in any sort of happiness.

There are reasons why companies (seemingly) suddenly find your mailbox and inbox so appealing:

Your Mortgage Transaction Details are now Public Record

When you close on your new home, many pieces of your information become public record. Soliciting companies can see your new address, mortgage lender, loan amount, and sometimes even your email address. Any enthusiastic and annoying marketing executive can take advantage of that public information and flood your mailbox with solicitations. This is why out of nowhere you may begin to receive multiple offers from insurance firms, lawn service providers, home improvement companies, warranty firms and renovation agencies, all in search of business opportunities.

These phishing marketing pieces can appear so legitimate that you may believe they are coming from your mortgage lender or home insurance company. They have things like “Information needed” and “Important Mortgage Information” stamped on them. Their sole aim is to trick you with realistic-looking mail to steal other crucial personal details. Typically, these have fine print on the back or bottom that states the soliciting company, NOT your mortgage lender or insurance company is actually sending these. If you are unsure if a piece of mail requires a serious response to it, call or email your mortgage lender.

Many Firms Purchase New Resident Lists

Companies that intend to acquire new clients invest a lot of money just to reach out to new individuals, especially those who just acquired a new home. In this regard, they buy mailing lists from a series of direct-mail companies. This can make it easier to target specific zip codes or focus on specific homes and neighborhoods where their clients wish to promote their products and services.

Therefore, you will often receive mail from different types of service companies, from local pizza joints, beauty salons, renovation service providers and many more. For the most part, those who offer these services have offices or stores nearby. They reach out to you to inform you about what they offer and their location, because you are new to that area.

Don’t let junk mail clutter your living space! Throw unwanted mail into the recycle bin, and delete it from your inbox. If you keep receiving mailings from the same companies, look for fine print on the pages or at the bottom of an email for instructions on how to opt out and unsubscribe.

Important: Premium Mortgage Corp. does not sell/give customer information to any non-affiliated businesses and has a long-standing policy of not buying trigger leads, and are pushing to get this policy prohibited. Until then, these steps will help!