There’s much to enjoy about the fall: the changing leaves, football season, and pumpkin spiced…everything! This season also brings cooler temperatures, and if you’re a homeowner, now is a great time to consider how to winterize your home for the even chillier months ahead. Check out our eight ways to keep your house warm without racking up high energy bills.

Window seat with winter decorations

1. Fill any open cracks or drafty areas. Whether its cold air entering or warm air exiting, you might be surprised by what a quarter-inch hole can do. Inspect all your doors, windows, and baseboards to see if any small cracks are present. If so, you can weatherstrip or caulk these areas to retain as much heat as possible.   

2. Give your furnace a tune-up. Generally, experts recommend getting your furnace serviced once a year before the cold arrives. The average furnace usually lasts between 15 and 20 years, but you could add years to yours simply by getting it inspected annually or even replacing the furnace’s filter regularly.

3. Embrace the sunlight. Even though we see less of it during the cold months, there’s no reason not to let the natural light in throughout the day. On sunny days, open your curtains and blinds to let the warm rays fill up your rooms. And once darkness comes, close them up to keep the heat in.

4. Circulate the air. Sure, ceiling fans are useful in the summer to keep cool, but are you aware they can warm up your house in the winter? In most ceiling fans, you can flip the directional switch to clockwise, so that the warmest air—which collects near the ceiling—will be circulated down to the rest of the room.

5. Upgrade to a programmable thermostat. A programmable thermostat allows you to schedule when you want the heat on and off and at what temperature. By setting the temperature lower when you’re going to bed or out of the house, you’ll likely save on your monthly heating costs and prevent your HVAC system from overworking itself.

6. Add some attic insulation. Installing attic insulation can be one of the biggest contributors to a lower energy bill for any season, as it both prevents inside air from escaping the house and stops outside air from entering. If you don’t want to spend the extra cost to pay a professional, you can DIY it! Most home improvement stores offer insulation blowers for rent.

7. Use a space heater. Space heaters often get a bad rap because they aren’t exactly energy efficient. However, if you only want to heat a single room, consider turning down your thermostat and using a space heater to warm you up without having to warm up your entire house.

8. Turn down the heat and get cozy. There’s nothing wrong with getting warm the old-fashioned way: throwing on a sweater or tucking in under a blanket. Layering up and dropping the heat even a couple degrees every day while your lounging could do wonders for your energy bill – and your furnace will thank you, too!

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