The homebuying process is riddled withups and downs. While some stages are exciting, others seemdaunting. Although negotiating is one of the more challenging aspects of a real estate transaction, there are a few strategies you can use toreach a more favorable arrangement. As the top mortgage broker in Buffalo, Rochester, and Syracuse, NY---as well as Barre, VT---Premium Mortgage Corporation has worked with a multitude of clients to secure affordable home loan rates andnavigate the sometimes complicated homebuying process.

Here, they provide some effective tactics for getting the home you want at an attractive price:

  • Do Your Research Before Submitting an Offer: Before you submit an offer, do your homework on the property, neighborhood, and seller. Find out why the current homeowner is moving, how long the propertyhas been on the market, and the neighborhood's comparative sales. This information will afford you a great deal of leverage during negotiations.
  • Don't Go Too Low:While every buyer wants to snag a great deal, be realistic with your offer. Unless your real estate agent tells you the home is overpriced and has been on the market for too long, offer a fair bid. Offering too little may not gain you any favors with the seller. Listen to your real estate agent's advice and offer a price that makes you comfortable. Otherwise, be ready to move on.
  • Don't Focus Solely on Selling Price: It's essential to keep in mind that negotiating a good deal doesn't always revolve around the listing price. You can also negotiate terms that will allow you to save on the transaction, such as having the seller pay for repairs or closing costs.

When it comes time to put in an offer and start on negotiations, take a strategic approach and consult with your mortgage broker about your options.


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