Matthew Leddick

LO NMLS# 162918

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I am a retired professional boxer that continues to fight as hard for my clients, as I have in the ring. I am proud to spend a great deal of my time volunteering for groups including the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, Make a Wish Foundation, Castleton Little League, Pop Warner Football and the One Boston Fund. When I’m not volunteering, I spend time in the ring as a Professional Boxer. I have been involved in the mortgage industry for 15+ years.

I am very familiar with and have expertise in most areas of financing. Being born and raised locally, I am extremely knowledgeable of the Capital Region and the needs of people in the area. I am former military and US Marine, which has allowed me to finely tune my organizational and efficiency skills. It also allows me to relate and have a better understanding for VA loans. I have also dedicated a large portion of my time becoming an expert at some of the most niche loan programs. Ensuring my ability to obtain the lowest and most efficient mortgage loan's for homeowners.

My electric personality and experience including a background in mortgages, the military and professional boxing allows me to reach, understand and help many different types of people. I am not quick to jump to conclusions and will always investigate every type of possibility that is available. Most just see the numbers on paper, while I see the person behind them. If financing is not feasible at the present time, I will still continue to work closely with clients in order to help them improve their profile by coming up with a strategic game plan together; so they can eventually be able to buy the home of their dreams. I am always available 24/7. Clients and inquiries can reach me by office phone, cell or email any time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Most banks just see the numbers. I see the person!

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