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Richard T. Aab is an international entrepreneur and the CEO of Idea Boxx, a company dedicated to conceptualizing, designing, and manufacturing products that improve and make a positive impact on productivity for businesses across industries. Over the last 40 years, his leadership has resulted in the success of a total of 15 companies, spanning a range of industries including telecommunication services, software development, wealth advisory/management, energy consulting and resale, payroll, health care, and innovative design and development. Mr. Aab graduated from Clarkson College with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 1971 and began his career as a financial analyst at Stromberg Carlson. He subsequently was employed by Merrill Lynch and Paine Webber in positions of wealth management and investments. In 1982, Mr. Aab began his entrepreneurial career. Mr. Aab is currently the CEO of four start-up companies, including Hydra Rinse LLC, ProNatural Brands and United Sources Sought, Inc. Mr. Aab is a longtime supporter of the University of Rochester and its medical center, serving as a trustee, fundraising co-chair and member of various operating committees. He remains an active fundraiser and advocate for numerous charities and organizations throughout the community.

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